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......@@ -59,9 +59,9 @@ For more info please refer to the [Documentation](https://rwthmoodle.pages.rwth-
* zip (version 0.02)
Instructions to install software dependencies based on your operating system:
* Windows 10 : [Installation of Software Dependencies](
* MacOS : [Installation of Software Dependencies](
* Linux : [Installation of Software Dependencies](
* Windows 10 : [Installation of Software Dependencies](docs/
* MacOS : [Installation of Software Dependencies](docs/
* Linux : [Installation of Software Dependencies](docs/
If you are an experienced user and familiar with the python `venv` (virtual environments) module and after having installed both ImageMagick (beware the `Policy Error` fix in [FAQs])and Ghostscript you can install the python dependencies in the virtual environment via pip with
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