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......@@ -148,9 +148,10 @@ Assuming that the folder `./tests/assets/pdfs_encrypted` holds the scans of be u
python ./tests/assets/pdfs_encrypted ./tests/assets/Grades.csv ./tests/assets/out/
Then, you can upload `` in Moodle:
Then, you can upload `` in Moodle:
`Alle Angaben anzeigen` → `Bewertungsvorgang` → `Mehrere Feedbackdateien in einer Zip-Datei hochladen`
**NOTE:** There is a upload filesize limit in Moodle. For RWTHMoodle (on the day this README is updated), this value is 250MB. If the folder contaning the PDFs is greater than upload filesize limit, provide the limit as a parameter like `--moodleuploadlimit 250`
For more info on the scripts and additional arguments refer to the [Documentation](
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