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[simulations] Simple check to verify that enough sources n_src were set in SourceBound simulation

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......@@ -668,6 +668,12 @@ class SourceBound(BaseSimulation):
nrange = np.tile(np.arange(self.ncrs), self.nsets).reshape(self.shape)
mask_close = nrange < nsplit[0][:, np.newaxis] # Create mask for CRs inside rmax
source_labels[~mask_close] = -1 # correct the ones resulting by max(nsplit[0])
# Checks if for all sets there is at least one explicit simulated source WITHOUT cosmic-ray contribution
range_src = np.arange(self.universe.n_src)
if not np.apply_along_axis(lambda x: np.in1d(range_src, x, invert=True).any(), axis=1, arr=source_labels).all():
print("Warning: too few sources simulated! Set keyword 'n_src' higher.")['source_labels'] = source_labels
occ = np.apply_along_axis(lambda x: np.bincount(x+1)[x+1], axis=1, arr=source_labels)
self.signal_label = (occ >= 2) & (source_labels >= 0)
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