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  • v1.5.0   v1.5.0
    Release v1.5.0
    • [simulations] Support a source bound simulation based on the combined fit universe & major refactor
    • [auger] Include new ICRC 2019 data (Spectrum, Xmax, Energy parameterization)
    • [data] Include Lunardini catalog
    • [healpytools] Fix rare simulated arrival directions with zero exposure (corner effects of nside=64 pixelization)
    • [coord] More generalized dimension compatibilities
    • [skymap] Further plotting improvements
    • Further minor fixes
  • v1.4.5
    Release v1.4.5
    • [coord] prepare getter functions for declination, right ascension, longitude, latitude and exposure
    • [healpytools] Consistency with pdf keyword in *_pdf() functions
    • [tutorial] Extend to skymap module
    • clean up some doc strings
  • v1.4.4
    Release v1.4.4
    • [auger] Add simple geometrical exposure and event rate functions
    • [coord] Exposure equatorial can deal with vectors
    • [coord] More consistency with conversion of coordinate systems (also sgal available everywhere)
    • [coord] Function that performs equatorial scrambling added
    • [healpytools] New function rand_exposure_vec_in_pix() that extends rand_vec_in_pix() and can now deal with non-uniform exposure within the pixel cells (a bit slower, but much more correct)
    • [simulations] New function convert_pixel() that calls the new rand_*_in_pix() functions that are required
    • minor bug fixes
    • more unittests implemented
  • v1.4.3
    Release v1.4.3
    • [auger] New function to obtain random charges from energy dependent AUGER composition
    • [cosmic_rays] / [container] Improved cosmic_ray object initialization from List and fusion with "+" operator
    • [cosmic_rays] Management of physical keywords
    • [gamale] Speed up flux_map() function via transpose lenspart
    • [healpytools] Implement function rotate_map() to rotate healpy map around arbitrary axis and angle
    • [skymap] Implement a plot_tissot() function
    • Fix minor bugs
  • v1.4.2
    Release v1.4.2
    • fix inheritance bug when slicing a CosmicRaysBase object
    • skymaps can be converted to equatorial coordinates and galactic and supergal. plane can be plotted
    • add the sensitivity_2pt() function as a 'fast' sensitivity benchmark in cosmic_rays classes
    • version number now accessible over astrotools.version
    • tutorial extended by gamale module
    • overall design updates
  • v1.4.1
    Release v1.4.1
    • Implement minimize_distances in thrust() observable. This option will minimize the distances to the n2 axis instead of maximizing the distances to the n3 axis
    • Add more flexibility in SkyPatch class
    • Fix bug in automatic lon/lat conversion
    • Fix shape compatibilities in rotate() function
  • v1.4.0
    Release v1.4.0
    • Close-up plotting style for cosmic ray data on the sphere is implemented in the skymap module (requires the basemap module installed)
    • Split the CosmicRays Class in a pure Container class (container.py) and a class implementing the physical cosmic rays attributes
    • Physical keywords are automatically recognized and on demand converted (e.g. 'vecs' even if just 'lon', 'lat' is saved)
    • healpy's query_disc() is modified in healpytools to support both, vector and pixel input
    • Minor fixes
  • v1.3.4
    Release v1.3.4
    • More options in skymap module
    • Additional assertion checks
    • Tutorial updated
  • v1.3.3
    Release v1.3.3
    • Change convention of spherical unitvectors (!), Now returned in (e_r, e_phi, e_theta) and system is right-handed
    • coord.rand_theta() can take theta_min / theta_max arguments
    • simulations.ObservedBound() will check in default if rigidity bins are covered by the lens
    • New function to apply experimental uncertainties in simulations module: ObservedBound.apply_uncertainties()
  • v1.3.2
    Release v1.3.2
    • Function coord.rand_fisher_vec() can take more than one vmean axis, refactoring and implementing new function coord.rotate_zaxis_to_x()
    • Implement rigidity assertion for lens bins in simulations module
    • Changed convention of spherical unit vectors (now [e_r, e_theta, e_phi] instead of [x, y, z])
  • v1.3.1
    Release v1.3.1
    • Fix bug for rand_vec_on_surface(x) when x is equal the z-axis
  • v1.3.0   tag v1.3.0
    Release v1.3.0
    • Implement ICRC 2017 data of Auger (energy and Xmax)
    • Implement function to draw random vectors directly from exposure function: coord.rand_exposure_vec()
    • Rotation supports now simultaenously rotations around n axis and n angles (parallelized)
    • New function coord.rand_theta_plane(): Random theta value on planar surface (~sin(theta)*cos(theta))
    • New function coord.rand_vec_on_surface(): Samples random directions on a surface specified by normal vectors (parallelized)
    • New function coord.rand_vec_on_sphere(): Uses rand_vec_on_surface() to simulate isotropy on the surface of a sphere
    • New function healpytools.rand_vec_from_map(): Given a healpymap density map, draws random vectors from it
    • New function healpytools.pix2map(): Given pixels, convert them to a healpymap
    • Support upper energy bound for EnergySpectrum.PowerLaw() in simulations module, also fixed the case gamma=-1
    • minor bug fixes
    • clean up docstrings
  • v1.2.2   tag v1.2.2
    Release v1.2.2
    • Fix tick label bug in skymap.heatmap() function
    • Fix masking bug in skymap module
  • v1.2.1
    Release v1.2.1
    • [gamale] Compute entire deflection maps in vectorized numpy calculation (def mean_deflection(mat, skymap=True))
    • [gamale] Compute flux map in vectorized manner (def flux_map(mat))
    • [simulations] Implement class EnergySpectrum() including a simple power_law() spectrum
    • [simulations] Optional choose for converting pixel to (lon, lat, vecs) in function get_data()
    • Clean docstrings and header of files
    • Extend tutorial for showing the usage of the cosmic_rays module
    • Improved user warning
  • v1.2.0   tag v1.2.0
    Release v1.2.0
    • Improved slicing and masking functionalities in the cosmic ray class
    • Improved plotting behavior of skymaps
    • Optional ordering of signal cosmic rays in Simulation module
    • minor bug fixes and feature
    • implement multiple unittests
  • v1.1.0   tag v1.1.0
    Release v1.1.0
    • Code coverage implemented
    • Improved plotting behavior
    • Support slicing of cosmic ray sets
    • Adopt gamale module for new magnetic field lens layout (see https://git.rwth-aachen.de/astro/lens-factory)
    • Unify angular conventions in healpytools
    • Support both, vector and (x, y, z)-separate in vector transformation functions
    • Refactoring energy-energy-correlation
    • Implement multiple unittests
  • v1.0.0