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Features/json adapter

Michael Thies requested to merge features/json_adapter into master

First draft of JSON serialization and deserialization according to DotAAS, section 5.5 (see #21 (closed)). Basic implementation is finished, but some things are left to do:

  • Add thorough testing (current simple test reaches only 40% coverage)
  • Further improve testing:
    • Add fail tests for deserialization
    • Add example with None-Values
  • Verify license of JSON Schema file (If it is not guaranteed to be provided under a free license, we need to rebase the branch to remove it from the history.)
  • Merge master and adapt serialization/deserialization for changes on master branch:
    • Reference vs. AASReference,
    • base classes of View,
    • add license header
    • use model.KEY_ELEMENTS_CLASSES instead of copy in aas.adapter.json.json_deserialization.
  • Fix insertion of modelType for non-Referable classes in JSON serialization
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