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Tags give the ability to mark specific points in history as being important
  • v0.24.0
    dfffa11a · Release v0.24.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.24.0
    Usability: Operators module now provides I, E and Pi (instead of pi) (breaking)
    Usability: VariableSets.Alphabet provides a-z variables that can be opened on demand
    Fixes issue where operators were generic where they should not have been
    Minor internal simplifications and streamlining
  • v0.23.0
    b8c84b26 · Release v0.23.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.23.0
    Uses Math.NET Numerics v4.15.0 or newer
    Better support for decimal values
    Drop From prefix in Expression.FromInt32 et al (breaking)
  • v0.22.0
    f90dfd19 · Release v0.22.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.22.0
    Fix evaluation for Csc ~Andrew Boyarshin
    Fully separated unary from N-ary functions, they now have a separate DU
    Distinct known function names: binary atan is now atan2, unary log (log-10) is now lg.
    Introducinig Enriched and Typed expressions, preparing for explicit argument nodes.
    LaTeX: render full-word symbols with mathrm and force cdot in products if necessary
    Infix/LaTeX: visual expressions can now be formatted also to a TextWriter
    Infix/LaTeX: approximations now always render with a decimal point (to clearly distinct from integers)
    Infix: parsing logic reworked to parse via visual expressions (no longer forcing auto-simplified full expressions)
    Approximations now reduce 0.0x to 0.0 as a practical compromise.
    Polynomial and rational algorithms handle approximations better (especially 0.0).
  • v0.21.0
    f11b2a79 · Release v0.21.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.21.0
    Support for compact powers of functions in visual expressions. Enabled by default for LaTeX.
    Simplified visual expression styles, no more customizable function mapping.
    Visual expressions can now be converted to full algebraic expressions.
    More convenient interop with primitive number types
    Uses Math.NET Numerics v4.9.1
    Build with .NET Core SDK 3.1.1
  • v0.20.0
    138a6c3a · Release v0.20.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.20.0
    Bind bessel, hankel functions to Math.NET Numerics special functions ~Jong Hyun Kim
    Bessel ratio functions ~Jong Hyun Kim
    Airy functions ~Jong Hyun Kim
    Docs/Website Improvements, Examples for more languages ~FoggyFinder
    Uses Math.NET Numerics v4.7
  • v0.19.0
    eb798c39 · Release v0.19.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.19.0
    Uses Math.NET Numerics v4.6
    Supports .Net Standard 2.0
  • v0.18.1
    26fa1521 · Release v0.18.1 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.18.1
    Code Signing: SHA2 (256) instead of SHA1
  • v0.18.0
    24edcc72 · Release v0.18.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.18.0
    Calculus: fix derivatives of Asin, Acos, Atan ~diluculo
    Trigonometric: fix contraction of cos(a)sin(b) ~diluculo
    Trigonometric: expansion and contraction of sinh/cosh ~diluculo
    Fix and improve arithmetic of infinity, closer to Mathematica ~diluculo
    Evaluate: powers with negative radix and non-integer exponent are lifted to complex numbers
    Binaries are now signed with a certificate
  • v0.17.0
    40795c60 · Release v0.17.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.17.0
    Compile expressions to delegates ~Francesco Bertolaccini
    SymbolicExpression: OOP-friendly expression wrapper
  • v0.16.0
    dff258fc · Release v0.16.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.16.0
    Multi-Arg functions: atan2, log ~Francesco Bertolaccini, FoggyFinder
    Trigonometric.substitute: handle cot, sec, csc correctly ~Francesco Bertolaccini
    Expression.root: apply automatic simplification
    VisualExpressions: introduce alternative visual (instead of semantic) expression structure
    Infix, LaTeX, MathML: formatting using visual expressions
    LaTeX: proper rendering of roots, improved parenthesis handling
    Infix: avoid parenthesis around floating-point approximations
    Drop obsolete print functions (use format instead)
  • v0.15.0
    2ae32d2c · Release v0.15.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.15.0
    Infix: support parsing approximations in exponential notation ~FoggyFinder
    Functions: trigonometric functions sec, csc, cot ~FoggyFinder
  • v0.14.0
    410d7983 · Release v0.14.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.14.0
    Infix/LaTeX: enforce culture invariant floating point format
    Infix/LaTeX: support for underscores in symbol names ~FoggyFinder
    Structure: collectApproximations
  • v0.13.0
    04e10930 · Release v0.13.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.13.0
    Structure: collectSums, collectProducts, collectPowers
    Structure: collectAll, like collect but continues on accepted nodes
    Structure: collectPredicate, collectAllPredicate
  • v0.12.0
    7d38f818 · Release v0.12.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.12.0
    LaTeX: format symbols with a long name with braces
  • v0.11.0
    b6e7ea54 · Release v0.11.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.11.0
    Approximation: new concept to represent real (floating point) numbers
    Approximate: new module to partially evaluate/approximate expressions
    Expression: explicit NegativeInfinity DU case
  • v0.10.1
    8dc9ac90 · Release v0.10.1 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.10.1
    Evaluate: fix CLI method signature of the evaluate function (cross-language support).
  • v0.10.0
    72bcf4b5 · Release v0.10.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.10.0
    LaTeX: always emit braces around power operands
    LaTeX: formatter must not skip multiplication sign in some cases ~FoggyFinder
    Infix: parsing sqrt, pow ~FoggyFinder
    Infix: fix bug on parsing hyperbolic functions ~FoggyFinder
    Evaluate: better error message when a symbol is missing ~Cer Lewis
    Polynomial: generate from coefficients list ~Zaid-Ajaj
    Rational: expand to algebraically expand result if its denominator is a number
  • v0.9.0
    3186fd1d · Release v0.9.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.9.0
    MathML: basic strict MathML formatting and parsing support
    Infix/LaTeX: fix missing paranthesis when formatting denominator-free powers
    LaTeX: fix symbols when formatting arcsin, arccos or arctan
    Expression: refactoring; operators are now implemented in module instead of class
  • v0.8.0
    31a57eff · Release v0.8.0 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.8.0
    Simplification: more consistent behavior on infinity and complex infinity
    Expression: new Constant expression leaf nodes (e, pi, I, real/floating-point)
    Expression: merge Positive/NegativeInfinity with Infinity
    Expression: Root, Sqrt, Sinh, Cosh, Tanh, ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan
    Functions: Sinh, Cosh, Tanh, ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan
    Operators: real, pi, infinity, complexInfinity, negativeInfinity
    Operators: log, root, sqrt, sinh, cosh, tanh, arcsin, arccos, arctan
    Numbers: compare/min/max can also handle the new constants
    Structure: collect, collectIdentifiers, collectNumbers, collectFunctions etc.
    Infix: decimal numbers are now parsed as real constant instead of interpreted as rational
    Infix: unicode symbols for infinity, complex infinity and pi
    Calculus: learnt to differentiate the new functions
  • v0.7.1
    84db8dec · Release 0.7.1 ·
    Math.NET Symbolics v0.7.1
    Revert FParsec dependency from 1.0.2 back to 1.0.1