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update joblist

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......@@ -186,9 +186,12 @@ def build_sub_features(feature_ins, feature):
sub_features = feature.get("subFeatures", [])
### Because of the uniqueness of subfeatures, like ml40::JobList can have many fml40::ForwardingJob in subFeatures
for sub_f in sub_features:
sub_f_name = sub_f.get("class", "")
sub_f_obj = DT_FACTORY.get(remove_namespace(sub_f_name), None)
sub_f_name = sub_f.get("name")
if sub_f_name is None:
sub_f_name = sub_f.get("class", "")
sub_f_obj = DT_FACTORY.get(remove_namespace(sub_f.get("class", "")), None)
if sub_f_obj is None:
APP_LOGGER.critical("Subfeature: %s is missing" % sub_f_name)
......@@ -6,21 +6,3 @@ def __init__(self, name="", identifier=""):
self.__jobs = list()
self.__json_out = dict()
def jobs(self):
return self.__jobs
def jobs(self, value):
self.__jobs = value
def to_json(self):
self.__json_out = super().to_json()
self.__json_out["jobs"] = list()
for job in
return self.__json_out
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