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fix subthing id

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......@@ -610,8 +610,6 @@ def _getValue(self, source, uri_list):
# ??? What if the uri points to a Value object?
# Shouldn't it be serialized?!
value = source[uri_list[0]]
if uri_list.__len__() == 1:
# if is ditto-feature
......@@ -969,7 +967,8 @@ def to_subthing_json(self):
if self.thing_id:
json_out["identifier"] = self.thing_id
json_out["identifier"] = self.model["attributes"]["identifier"]
if self.model["attributes"].get("identifier") is not None:
json_out["identifier"] = self.model["attributes"]["identifier"]
for key in self.roles.keys():
for key in self.features.keys():
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