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WIP: Fix saving of coordinate class objects in *.ita files

Marco Berzborn requested to merge ita-fileformat-cleanup into master

Fix saving of coordinate class objects. itaCoordinates are currently stored as MATLAB class objects when saving *.ita files. Use the saveobj method of itaCoordinates when writing .ita files to save the itaCoordinates as a struct, not requiring ITA-Toolbox functionality to open the files.

This change will result in a break with the backwards compatibility.

Reading *.ita files generated with newer versions on a version prior tp this will result in a loss of:

  • channelCoordinates
  • objectCoordinates
  • objectViewVector
  • objectUpVector

All other data will remain intact.


  • Cleanup saveobj for itaAudio
  • Cleanup saveobj for itaSuper
  • Cleanup saveobj for itaCoordinates
  • Cleanup ita_write_ita
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