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COMSOL interface & combined wave/GA simulation

Philipp Schäfer requested to merge combined_wave_and_ga_simulation into master


  • Introducing classes that represent input data for sound field simulations
    • itaSource
    • itaReceiver
    • itaMaterial
  • Introducing Comsol interface
    • has a set of classes to represent a Comsol model tree
    • allows to apply changes to a Comsol model that are specific for acoustic simulations
    • works with input data classes mentioned above
    • Also allows to
      • start simulations
      • read/import results in ita formats
      • ...
  • Introduced new functions in Kernel/DSP
    • ita_interpolate_spk_result: Interpolates an itaResult in the frequency domain
    • ita_result2audio_spk: Converts an itaResult to itaAudio using an interpolation in the frequency domain
  • Introduced classes for 3D model visualization
    • AC3D
    • Comsol models
  • Raven
    • added function to set Material path
    • bugfix with paths using Mac
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