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# ITA-Toolbox
Welcome to the ITA-Toolbox
Welcome to the ITA-Toolbox, an open source MATLAB toolbox for acoustics developed by the [Institute of Technical Acoustics]( of the [RWTH Aachen University](
* Open source project developed by the [Institute of Technical Acoustics](, [RWTH Aachen University](
* Full-fledged Toolbox, well-integrated in the MATLAB environment.
* Including demo files, documentation and tutorials to get started quickly.
* Deals with playable audio files or simulation data (including physical unit calculation and spatial information).
* A graphical user interface and various plot routines for the graphical output of all kind of relevant acoustic data.
* Object-oriented programming concepts for using of well-known MATLAB commands and operators to audio data.
* Makes it easy to do basic signal analysis and processing, record and playback audio files and much more...
[Project Website](
You can find the first instructions how to deal with the ITA-Toolbox in the [Getting Started](Getting_Started.txt) file.
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[Setup Instructions](Getting_Started.txt)
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