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VAAudioRendererBase: moving core part of the process stream into protected...

Marco Wegener requested to merge feature/ambisonics_rotation_renderer into develop

Work done until now on AmbisonicsRotationRenderer:

  • Added function vCreateRotationMatrix to assemble 3x3 rotation matrix from view-up vectors
  • Added function vFCreateSphericalHarmonicsRotationMatrix to calculate SH matrix using SAFs getSHrotMtxReal function
  • Added function vApplySphericalHarmonicsRotation to apply rotation to signal

All functions are stored in Utils/VASphericalHarmonicsRotation.h.

Unit tests:

  • Test for vCreateRotationMatrix compares matrices to reference values calculated by hand
  • Test for vfCreateSphericalHarmonicsRotationMatrix compares matrices to reference values calculated by Matlabs getSHrotMtx function


  • Finish vApplySphericalHarmonicsRotation and create test. Idea: apply dirac-impulse as input signal and compare output channels
  • Fix compile errors caused by SAF implementation

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