Commit d34b5094 authored by Armin Erraji's avatar Armin Erraji
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Removed not working r-tree

parent 6f9e088b
......@@ -52,7 +52,7 @@ namespace ITAPropagationPathSim
vector<CPropagationShapeShared> m_vpPropagationShapes; //!< Vector of all propagation shapes
CShapesTree m_ShapesTree;
//CShapesTree m_ShapesTree; TODO: Not working yet
shared_ptr<const ITAGeo::Halfedge::CMeshModelList> m_pMeshModelList; //!< Copy of propagation model list
CShapesMap m_mvpShapeVisibilityMap; //!< Map of which shape can illuminate which ones
......@@ -87,7 +87,6 @@ void ITAPropagationPathSim::CombinedModel::CPathEngine::InitializePathEnvironmen
//Get all propagation shapes of the mesh model list
//Create a visibility map
......@@ -1051,9 +1050,7 @@ bool ITAPropagationPathSim::CombinedModel::CPathEngine::CanPointIlluminateEdge(c
bool ITAPropagationPathSim::CombinedModel::CPathEngine::IsPathVisible(const VistaVector3D& v3StartPoint, const VistaVector3D& v3EndPoint)
//Search of intersections on bounding boxes
if (!m_ShapesTree.CanLineSegmentIntersect(v3StartPoint, v3EndPoint)) return true;
//Search for intersections between two neighbored anchors and repeat it for all neighbored anchors of the path
//Iterate intersection search over all mesh models
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