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Commit b3bbf79a authored by Anne Heimes's avatar Anne Heimes
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add madi to test

parent 8c33c69d
......@@ -32,8 +32,9 @@ const static int g_iRingerBufferCapacity = g_iBlockLength * 10;
const static double g_dDuration = 10.0f;
const static double g_dSyncTimout = 0.001f;
const static bool g_bUseASIO = true;
const static string g_sAudioInterface = "ASIO4ALL v2";
const static string g_sAudioInterface = "ASIO MADIface USB";
//const static string g_sAudioInterface = "ASIO Hammerfall DSP";
//const static string g_sAudioInterface = "ASIO4ALL v2";
const static bool g_bUseUDP = false;
class CSampleGenerator : public CITASampleProcessor
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