Commit dcf4f218 authored by Benedikt Heinrichs's avatar Benedikt Heinrichs
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Merge branch 'Hotfix/1093-projectCreation' into 'master'

Fix: Included Consul Key

See merge request coscine/api/project!109
parents a450f611 8350c906
......@@ -341,7 +341,7 @@ namespace Coscine.Api.Project.Controllers
return new RdfStoreConnector().GetTriples(new Uri(""), null, null, 1, externalIdList).Count() != 0;
return new RdfStoreConnector(Program.Configuration.GetStringAndWait("coscine/local/virtuoso/additional/url")).GetTriples(new Uri(""), null, null, 1, externalIdList).Count() != 0;
private void LogAnalytics(string operation,
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