Commit 9eb18412 authored by Markus Mirz's avatar Markus Mirz
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addded new dpsim read function for real and imaginary vars

parent 044c9f3c
......@@ -181,3 +181,57 @@ def read_timeseries_dpsim_cmpl_separate(filename, timeseries_names=None):
for result in timeseries_list:
return timeseries_list
def read_timeseries_dpsim(filename, timeseries_names=None):
"""Reads complex time series data from DPsim log file. Real and
imaginary part are stored in one complex variable.
:param filename: name of the csv file that has the data
:param timeseries_names: column name which should be read
:return: list of Timeseries objects
pd_df = pd.read_csv(filename)
timeseries_list = []
cmpl_result_columns = []
real_result_columns = []
if timeseries_names is None:
# No column names specified, thus read in all and strip off spaces
pd_df.rename(columns=lambda x: x.strip(), inplace=True)
column_names = list(pd_df.columns.values)
# Remove timestamps column name and store separately
timestamps = pd_df.iloc[:, 0]
# Find real and complex variable names
real_string = '_re'
imaginary_string = '_im'
for column in column_names:
if real_string in column:
tmp = column.replace(real_string, '')
#print("Found complex variable: " + tmp)
elif not imaginary_string in column:
#print("Found real variable: " + column)
for column in cmpl_result_columns:
TimeSeries(column, timestamps,
np.vectorize(complex)(pd_df[column + real_string],
pd_df[column + imaginary_string])))
for column in real_result_columns:
TimeSeries(column, timestamps, pd_df[column]))
# Read in specified time series
print('cannot read specified columns yet')
print('DPsim results real column names: ' + str(real_result_columns))
print('DPsim results complex column names: ' + str(cmpl_result_columns))
print('DPsim results variable number: ' + str(len(timeseries_list)))
print('DPsim results length: ' + str(len(timestamps)))
return timeseries_list
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