Commit 4b7b91b6 authored by Bichen Li's avatar Bichen Li

Another Test on the limit

parent b1d730e1
......@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ def compare_timeseries(ts1, ts2):
timeseries_error.append(TimeSeries.rmse(ts2[j], ts1[i])/ts1[i].values[1])
print(TimeSeries.rmse(ts2[j], ts1[i])/ts1[i].values[1])
print(TimeSeries.rmse(ts2[j], ts1[i])/ts1[i].values[len(ts1[i].values) - 1])
flag_not_found = True
if flag_not_found is False:
# No such variable in Modelica model, set the error to -1
......@@ -130,7 +130,6 @@ def validate_modelica_res(net_name, modelica_res_path, reference_res_path):
Top level function for the validation of modelica, calls all the function needed to execute the validation.
:param modelica_res_path: the path of the modelica result file, whose suffix should be .mat
:param reference_res_path: the path of the reference result file, whose suffix should be .rep(simulink)/.rlf(neplan)
:param reference_res_type: a flag to clarify where the reference come from, should be either Simulink or Neplan
:return: outputs to command line which are the results of the validation.
res_mod = read_timeseries_Modelica (modelica_res_path)
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