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Improved script with convenience features

Felix Wege requested to merge extended_run_script into master

Added multiple optional arguments to the script to improve its convenience.

  • -p: Specifies relative path to the property file describing the simulation scenario (i.e. the "model.props")
  • -c: Specifies relative path to the config file (i.e. the "config.props")
  • -d: Specifies relative path to a directory holding multiple property files. Simulations for all found property files will be executed sequentially.
    • Note: When specifying a directory with -d, -p will be ignored!

Running the script w/o any of the optional parameters results in the same behavior as before, using props/models.props and props/config.props as default.


  • ./ -p myDir/custom_model.props -c myDir/custom_config.props
  • ./ -d propertyFiles/ -n 12

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