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Feature/updatable classes

See merge request acplt/pyaas!29
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......@@ -463,6 +463,41 @@ class Referable(metaclass=abc.ABCMeta):
raise ValueError("The id_short must start with a letter")
self._id_short = id_short
def update(self, timeout: float = 0) -> None:
Update the local Referable object from the underlying backend.
If the object does not belong to a backend, i.e. it is a simple in-memory object, this function does nothing.
:param timeout: Only update the object, if it has not been updated within the last `timeout` seconds.
def update_from(self, other: "Referable"):
Internal function to updates the object's attributes from another object of a similar type.
This function should not be used directly. It is typically used by backend implementations (database adapters,
protocol clients, etc.) to update the object's data, after `update()` has been called.
:param other: The object to update from
for name, var in vars(other).items():
if name == "parent": # do not update the parent
if isinstance(var, NamespaceSet):
# update the elements of the NameSpaceSet
vars(self)[name] = var # that variable is not a NameSpaceSet, so it isn't Referable
def commit(self) -> None:
Transfer local changes on this object to the underlying backend.
If the object does not belong to a backend, i.e. it is a simple in-memory object, this function does nothing.
id_short = property(_get_id_short, _set_id_short)
......@@ -965,6 +1000,35 @@ class NamespaceSet(MutableSet[_RT], Generic[_RT]):
return self._backend.get(key, default)
def update_nss_from(self, other: "NamespaceSet"):
Update a NamespaceSet from a given NamespaceSet.
WARNING: By updating, the "other" NamespaceSet gets destroyed.
:param other: The NamespaceSet to update from
referables_to_add: List[Referable] = [] # objects from the other nss to add to self
referables_to_remove: List[Referable] = [] # objects to remove from self
for other_referable in other:
referable = self._backend[other_referable.id_short]
if type(referable) is type(other_referable):
# referable is the same as other referable
except KeyError:
# other referable is not in NamespaceSet
for id_short, referable in self._backend.items():
if not other.get(id_short):
# referable does not exist in the other NamespaceSet
for referable_to_add in referables_to_add:
self.add(referable_to_add) # type: ignore
for referable_to_remove in referables_to_remove:
self.remove(referable_to_remove) # type: ignore
class OrderedNamespaceSet(NamespaceSet[_RT], MutableSequence[_RT], Generic[_RT]):
......@@ -191,6 +191,26 @@ class ModelNamespaceTest(unittest.TestCase):
self.assertEqual("'Prop1'", str(cm.exception))
def test_update(self):
# Prop1 is getting its value updated by namespace2.set1
# Prop2 is getting deleted since it does not exist in namespace2.set1
# Prop3 is getting added, since it does not exist in namespace1.set1 yet
namespace1 = ExampleNamespace()
namespace1.set1.add(model.Property("Prop1", model.datatypes.Int, 1))
namespace1.set1.add(model.Property("Prop2", model.datatypes.Int, 0))
namespace2 = ExampleNamespace()
namespace2.set1.add(model.Property("Prop1", model.datatypes.Int, 0))
namespace2.set1.add(model.Property("Prop3", model.datatypes.Int, 2))
self.assertEqual(namespace1.set1.get_referable("Prop1").value, 0) # Check that Prop1 got updated correctly
self.assertEqual(namespace1.set1.get_referable("Prop3").value, 2) # Check that Prop3 got added
with self.assertRaises(KeyError) as cm: # Check that Prop2 got removed
self.assertEqual("'Prop2'", str(cm.exception))
# Check that the parent of Prop3 is adapted correctly:
self.assertEqual(namespace1.get_referable("Prop1").parent, namespace1)
self.assertEqual(namespace1.get_referable("Prop3").parent, namespace1)
class ExampleOrderedNamespace(model.Namespace):
def __init__(self, values=()):
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