Commit 6f6ec326 authored by Tilman Alemán's avatar Tilman Alemán
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fixed convergence

parent 5f470606
......@@ -181,7 +181,7 @@ with TaskManager():
vlam = ArnoldiSolver(a2.mat,b.mat,VhG.FreeDofs(), evecs2.vecs, 1)
evecinter = []
for k in range(3):
evecs3.vecs[k].data = evecs2.vecs[k]
evecs3.vecs[k].data =b.mat* evecs2.vecs[k]
for k in range(3):
evn = sqrt(Integrate(levelset_domain={"levelset":phi, "domain_type":IF}, cf=(evecs3.MDComponent(k))**2, mesh=mesh) )
evecs.vecs[k].data = evecs3.vecs[k].data
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