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* Run the interactive notebooks directly with binder:
* Clone this repository with git and open the notebooks locally on your PC with Jupyter ([Anaconda]( is highly recommended for this).
* Run the notebooks on your local machine:
* Install [Anaconda]( (using pip is also possible, you have to install all the requirements listed in `environment.yml` and install the two `jupyter labextension ...` commands listed below).
* Download/`git clone` this repository to your local disk.
* It is highly recommended to run the GDET3 notebooks in an isolated environment. You can create a new environment called `gdet3lab` from the provided `environment.yml` by running `conda env create -f environment.yml` in the Anaconda prompt. This makes sure that all required packages are installed amd don't interfere with the packages in your base environment.
* Activate this environment with `conda activate gdet3lab`.
* Run two final commands in the Anaconda prompt (with activated `gdet3lab` environment):
jupyter labextension install @jupyter-widgets/jupyterlab-manager
jupyter labextension install jupyter-matplotlib
* Finally run JupyterLab `jupyter lab`. In your browser, JupyterLab should start. You can then open `index.ipynb` for an overview over all notebooks.
* You can deactivate the environment with `conda deactivate` (and switch back to it with `conda activate gdet3lab`).
## Contact
If you found a bug, please use the [issue tracker](
In all other cases, please contact [Christian Rohlfing](
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