Authored by Raymond Langer

FlameMaster: Get started in 5 minutes

The instruction below explains how to install FlameMaster. Access to the FlameMaster repository is required (link only works if you are logged in and if you have been granted access).

  • How to gain access to the FlameMaster repository
  1. Log in here with the appropriate account
  2. Write an e-mail in which you provide your account name and briefly explain why you would like to access the repository. We add you to the member list, and you can then access the repository.
  3. Set up an ssh-key
  • Load/install cmake (version >= 3.0)
module load cmake
  • Load/install a compiler; preferably a recent compiler (C11, C++11 required)
module load intel/19.0

For the last step, install git on your system if not yet available. The programs flex and bison are also required but on most systems they are already installed or, on windows, they will be installed by FlameMaster.

  • Download, configure, build, and install FlameMaster (The --parallel flag is not required. It's available in cmake >= version 3.12)
cd your/flamemaster/directory
git clone Repository
mkdir -p Build && cd Build
cmake --build . --parallel  --target install --config Release
  • You are all set
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