Authored by Raymond Langer

FlameMaster on the RWTH compute cluster: Get started in 5 minutes

In addition to the steps below, please read the Repository/ and the Repository/Changelog carefully before using FlameMaster:

  1. Access to the source code: FlameMaster repository
  2. Load cmake (version >= 3.0) and a compiler; preferably a recent compiler (C11, C++11 required):
module load cmake intel
  1. Download, configure, build, and install FlameMaster (The --parallel flag is optional. It's available in cmake >= version 3.12). This step requires git, flex, and bison. Suitable versions are pre-installed on the cluster, and no further action is needed.
cd your/flamemaster/directory
git clone Repository
mkdir -p Build && cd Build
cmake --build . --parallel  --target install --config Release
  • You are all set
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