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Update .gitlab-ci.yml

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...@@ -29,7 +29,18 @@ build: ...@@ -29,7 +29,18 @@ build:
test: test:
stage: test stage: test
script: script:
- docker run --name examscan --rm -v $(pwd):$(pwd) -w $(pwd) ${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}:latest --i pdfs --o out - docker run --name examscan --rm -v $(pwd):$(pwd) -w $(pwd) ${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}:latest --i pdfs --o out
artifacts: artifacts:
paths: paths:
- out/ - out/
image: ${CI_REGISTRY_IMAGE}:latest
stage: test
- pip install pytest pytest-cov
- pytest --cov=./ tests
- coverage xml
cobertura: coverage.xml
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