Commit e2af6558 authored by Tobias Hangleiter's avatar Tobias Hangleiter
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Give four*pi, two*pi more meaningful names

parent 96164935
This module defines constants, mostly wrapped from scipy. Many constants are in
the top-level namespace. Many more are in the dictionary ``physical_constants``
that can be searched using :meth:`find` and accessed using :meth:`value`.
......@@ -11,9 +11,9 @@ On top of the scipy constants, the following shorthands are defined:
``pi4`` : :math:`\pi/4`
``tpi`` : :math:`2\pi`
``two_pi`` : :math:`2\pi`
``fpi`` : :math:`4\pi`
``four_pi`` : :math:`4\pi`
......@@ -197,5 +197,5 @@ from scipy.constants import (
e2 = e**2
pi2 = pi/2
pi4 = pi/4
tpi = pi*2
fpi = pi*4
two_pi = pi*2
four_pi = pi*4
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