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Add parallel module

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......@@ -47,3 +47,7 @@ Here you find decorators, functions and classes that help you implement caching
User input related functions like `query_yes_no`.
## qutil.parallel
Functions and classes related to parallel execution i.e. multi-threading, multi-processing and asyncio.
There is a class for periodic callbacks from another thread `ThreadedPeriodicCallback`.
import threading
import time
class ThreadedPeriodicCallback:
"""Periodically call the given function. Dont forget to call start. You can change the period while it runs.
Be aware that your callback needs to be thread safe. This means you need to make sure that the state there is always
>>> pcb = ThreadedPeriodicCallback(1., lambda: print('my function'))
>>> pcb.start()
>>> pcb.stop()
def __init__(self, period: float, callback: callable):
self._stop = False
self.period = period
self.callback = callback
self.thread = threading.Thread(target=self._run)
def _run(self):
while not self._stop:
def stop(self):
self._stop = True
def start(self):
def __del__(self):
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