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Remove DeferralActionWrapper.hpp

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#pragma once
#include <functional>
#include <vector>
/// Wraps an object and defers modifying actions
/// until explicitly applying them
/// \param T The type of the wrapped object
template <typename T> class DeferralActionWrapper {
using ValueType = T;
using Function = std::function<void(ValueType &)>;
/// Constructs a wrapper around a default constructed object
DeferralActionWrapper() = default;
/// Constructs a wrapper around a given \p object
explicit DeferralActionWrapper(ValueType object)
: wrappedObject(std::move(object)) {}
/// Returns a the wrapped object
ValueType &get() { return wrappedObject; }
const ValueType &get() const { return wrappedObject; }
/// Enqueues an \p action
/// Caution: Be sure to work on a reference to modify the wrapped object!
void enqueue(Function action) {
/// Applies pending modifying actions
void apply() {
for (auto &&action : deferredActions) {
ValueType wrappedObject;
std::vector<Function> deferredActions;
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