Commit 2602d71b authored by Martin Kröning's avatar Martin Kröning 🦀
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Don't specify type of library

This allows us to toggle our entire project
from shared to static with only one option.
parent 8932cfc2
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ ui_resources = gnome.compile_resources(
gtkmm_dep = dependency('gtkmm-3.0', version : '>=3.22.2')
thread_dep = dependency('threads')
pi2_view_lib = shared_library('pi2-view', [pi2_view_src, ui_resources],
pi2_view_lib = library('pi2-view', [pi2_view_src, ui_resources],
dependencies : [gtkmm_dep, thread_dep, microsoft_gsl_dep],
include_directories: pi2_view_inc,
install: true
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