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Commit 2602d71b authored by Martin Kröning's avatar Martin Kröning

Don't specify type of library

This allows us to toggle our entire project
from shared to static with only one option.
parent 8932cfc2
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ ui_resources = gnome.compile_resources(
gtkmm_dep = dependency('gtkmm-3.0', version : '>=3.22.2')
thread_dep = dependency('threads')
pi2_view_lib = shared_library('pi2-view', [pi2_view_src, ui_resources],
pi2_view_lib = library('pi2-view', [pi2_view_src, ui_resources],
dependencies : [gtkmm_dep, thread_dep, microsoft_gsl_dep],
include_directories: pi2_view_inc,
install: true
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