Commit e97a1f6c authored by Niklas Rieken's avatar Niklas Rieken

finisched Myhill-Nerode, added canonical ordering on words

parent 224adfc3
\begin{tikzpicture}[->, >=stealth', shorten >=1pt, auto, node distance=2.8cm, semithick, every state/.style={inner sep=0pt, minimum size=30pt}]
\node[initial, initial text=, state] (0) at (0, 0) {$[\varepsilon]_L$};
\node[state] (1) at (2.5, 0) {$[a]_L$};
\node[state, accepting] (2) at (5, 0) {$[ab]_L$};
\path (0) edge node {$a$} (1)
(0) edge[loop above] node {$b$} (0)
(1) edge[loop above] node {$a$} (1)
(1) edge node {$b$} (2)
(2) edge[loop above] node {$a, b$} (2);
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