Commit 9691d5b1 authored by Niklas's avatar Niklas

resolve conflicts

parents 0ccf039b 513c937d
......@@ -108,7 +108,7 @@ Hence, the condition for a function $f$ to be convex is that any straight line s
xtick={\empty},ytick={\empty}, axis on top
\addplot[thick,domain=0.25:7,blue,name path=A] {-x/3 + 2.75} coordinate[pos=0.4] (m) ;
\addplot[thick,domain=.25:7,blue,name path=A] {-x/3 + 2.75} coordinate[pos=0.4] (m) ;
\draw[thick,blue,name path=B] (0.15,4) .. controls (1,1) and (4,0) .. (6,2) coordinate[pos=0.075] (a1) coordinate[pos=0.95] (a2);
\path[name intersections={of=A and B, by={a,b}}];
\draw[densely dashed] (0,0) -| node[pos=0.5, color=black, below] {$a$}(a);
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