Commit 8f9bc584 authored by Niklas Rieken's avatar Niklas Rieken

rm old pumping game

parent 2d8d8186
import sys
import random
# language {a^n b^n : n \in IN}
def L(w):
i = 0
mid = False
for a in w:
if a not in ['a', 'b']:
return False
if a == 'a' and not mid:
i += 1
if a == 'a' and mid:
return False
if a == 'b' and mid:
i -= 1
if a == 'b' and not mid:
r = i
mid = True
i -= 1
if i != 0 or 2*r < n:
return False
return True
n = random.randint(1, 10)
print("Alice claims the language [[a^n b^n : n in IN]] is regular and there exists an automaton with {0} states.".format(n))
w = input("Choose a word in the language of length >= {0}: ".format(n))
if not L(w):
sys.exit("Your word is not in the language or your word is too short, you lose!")
k = random.randint(0, n-1)
l = random.randint(k+1, n)
x = w[:k]
y = w[k:l]
z = w[l:]
print("Alice chooses the decomposition x = {0}, y = {1}, z = {2}.".format(x, y, z))
i = int(input("Choose a natural number i sucht that xy^iz is not in the language: "))
wp = x + (y*i) + z
if not L(wp):
print("w' = xy^{0}z is not in the language, you win.".format(i))
sys.exit("w' = xy^{0}z is in the language, you lose.".format(i))
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