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Merge pull request #2952 from apache/delivery

Sync release124 with delivery for 12.4 rc4
parents 064136c6 1e006a8d
......@@ -81,7 +81,15 @@ public abstract class AdvancedPanel extends javax.swing.JPanel {
private ComboBoxModel<Distribution> createDistributionComboboxModel() {
Distribution[] distributions = {Distribution.NONE, Distribution.AOJ, Distribution.CORRETTO, Distribution.DRAGONWELL, Distribution.LIBERICA, Distribution.OJDK_BUILD, Distribution.SAP_MACHINE, Distribution.ZULU};
List<Distribution> allDistros = Distribution.getDistributions();
allDistros.sort((o1, o2) -> {
return o1.getUiString().compareTo(o2.getUiString());
List<Distribution> distros = new ArrayList<>(1 + allDistros.size());
Distribution[] distributions = distros.toArray(new Distribution[0]);
return new DefaultComboBoxModel<>(distributions);
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