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VSCode NetBeans (LSP) changelog update for 12.3 rel.
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under the License.
## Version 12.3
* LSP codelens for Run and Debug of main and test methods
* NETBEANS-5319 - Always do save modified files when used through LSP.
* Project problems and improvements in headless environment for VSNetBeans.
* Showing completions returned by annotation Processors in VS Code.
* Project problems are resolved in headless environment.
* Restart NBLS when an extension providing some NB cluster is installed/uninstalled.
* Enable full VSNetBeans Maven build test.
* Don't show reload/save dialogs in VSNetBeans
* Properly stop Maven execution from LSP/DAP
## Version 12.2.1
* Numerous refactorings for Java source code editing added
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