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Added .test_metadata.json

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"version": "2.0.0",
"updateMessage": "",
"hashes": {
"src/test/java/h05/": "688add2c60fe0bc26d3f7b05eaa04d79",
"src/test/java/h05/": "e566961fc2973aaae84f2249b6027c2c",
"src/test/java/h05/": "6f30a42ce81689ac8ead140d3c79549b",
"src/test/java/h05/": "4978eba50ccb6f5f59152e126dff76bf",
"src/test/java/h05/": "d82afdbe6404309305cd83154bccbce4",
"src/test/java/h05/": "b65db0c73d560a401ca38e912db73b9e",
"src/test/java/h05/": "c46ab8dfd4c74a43b0f78a22fc9e1b4a",
"src/test/java/h05/provider/": "74b0b9564f5f6fe05d09f8fbef1f22c8",
"src/test/java/h05/provider/": "c3f01cd6409a09adb3afbd35fafeba9c"
"config": {
"file": "src/test/java/h05/",
"stub": "package h05;\n\nimport java.lang.reflect.Field;\nimport java.util.*;\nimport;\n\n/**\n * This class contains constants that are used as settings for the tests.\n * They will not be overwritten when an update is downloaded (assuming this file is in {@link Config#EXCLUDED_FILES})\n */\n@SuppressWarnings({\"JavadocReference\", \"unused\"})\npublic class Config {\n\n>>>##<<<\n}\n",
"constants": {
"EXISTS": " /**\n * Whether this file exists. Used by to determine whether or not the config file is missing\n */\n public static final boolean EXISTS = true;",
"SEED": " /**\n * Seed that is used for initialization of Random object, set to fixed value for (hopefully) reproducible tests / results\n * @see Utils#RANDOM\n */\n public static final long SEED = new Random().nextLong();",
"CHECK_FOR_UPDATES": " /**\n * Settings for the updater / installer <br>\n * Set the values of these constants to {@code true} or {@code false} respectively, if you want or don't want to...\n * <ul>\n * <li>{@code CHECK_FOR_UPDATES} - use the updater / installer</li>\n * <li>{@code CHECK_HASHES} - compare the hashes of local files with the ones in the repository</li>\n * <li>{@code AUTO_UPDATE} - let the updater / installer download files from the repository and overwrite the local files automatically</li>\n * </ul>\n * @see Utils.Updater\n */\n public static final boolean CHECK_FOR_UPDATES = true, CHECK_HASHES = true, AUTO_UPDATE = true;",
"EXCLUDED_FILES": " /**\n * A list of files (with path relative to project root) to be excluded from updates.\n * It may be necessary to temporarily remove the configuration file from this list, e.g. when a update\n * is downloaded that needs additional constants that are not yet included in this file.\n */\n public static final List<String> EXCLUDED_FILES = List.of(\n \"src/test/java/h05/\"\n );",
"BUILD_VARIANT": " /**\n * Determines which build variant should be used in MyTree.\n * More specifically, what value to pass as the second parameter of the constructor.\n * If the value is {@code null} then the constructor will be called randomly with either {@code true} or {@code false}\n */\n public static final Boolean BUILD_VARIANT = null;",
"NUMBER_OF_TEST_RUNS": " /**\n * Allows customization of the number of test runs for a parameterized test method <br>\n * To override the number of runs add an entry consisting of the fully qualified class name +\n * '#' + the method signature mapped to an integer value (example below).\n * If the method is not in this map, a default value of 5 is used\n */\n public static final Map<String, Integer> NUMBER_OF_TEST_RUNS = Map.of(\n \"h05.MyTreeTest#testIsIsomorphic(String)\", 5\n );",
"MAX_TREE_DEPTH": " /**\n * Defines the maximum depth of a randomly generated parentheses term\n * @see h05.provider.RandomTreeProvider\n */\n public static final int MAX_TREE_DEPTH = 5;"
"methods": {
"getConfigs": " /**\n * Returns a set of the names of all fields in this class\n * @return a set of all fields defined in this class\n */\n public static Set<String> getConfigs() {\n return;\n }"
......@@ -207,7 +207,7 @@ public class Utils {
* @return whether any changes have been written
private static boolean checkForUpdates() {
HttpResponse<String> response = getHttpResource(".test_version");
HttpResponse<String> response = getHttpResource(".test_metadata.json");
boolean persistentChanges = false;
if (response == null || response.statusCode() != 200) {
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