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<h2>MDETools'17 Rover Challenge Languages </h2>
This is the companion website for the MontiCore languages developed to address the <a href="">Rover challenge</a> posed by the <a href="">MDETools'17 workshop</a>. The languages have been presented in the paper "Engineering a Rover Language in GEMOC Studio &amp; MontiCore" by Thomas Degueule, Tanja Mayerhofer, and Andreas Wortmann.
To explore the languages, proceed as follows:
<li>Download and extract the <a href="./">rover projects archive</a> (includes languages and code generator).</li>
<li>Install Java 1.8 or later and maven.</li>
<li>Copy the settings.xml file from the archive to your local maven directory (e.g., $home/.m2).</li>
<li>Import the projects from the extracted <a href="./">rover projects workspace</a>.</li>
<li>First build the project raspirover-dsl via "Run as" -> "Maven build" -> "clean install", the build the project rcl2java in the same way (you also can build the projects from the command line via "mvn clean install" accordingly.)</li>
<li>Have a look at the grammars in raspirover-dsl/src/main/grammars/mdetools/ and the generated code at rcl2java/target/generated-sources/</li>
<h3>Related Documents</h3>
<ul style="list-style-type: none;">
<a href="./engineering-a-rover-language.pdf"><img border="0" alt="Engineering a Rover Language in GEMOC Studio &amp; MontiCore" src="paper.png" width="16" height="16"/></a>
<a href="./engineering-a-rover-language.pdf">Paper "Engineering a Rover Language in GEMOC Studio &amp; MontiCore"</a>
<a href="./"><img border="0" alt="Rover Workspace" src="archive.png" width="16" height="16"/></a>
<a href="./">Rover Projects Archive</a>
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