migrate sle project

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<module org.jetbrains.idea.maven.project.MavenProjectsManager.isMavenModule="true" type="JAVA_MODULE" version="4" />
\ No newline at end of file
real 0m6.675s
real 0m6.831s
real 0m6.131s
real 0m6.667s
real 0m6.277s
real 0m6.470s
real 0m6.483s
real 0m6.717s
real 0m6.298s
real 0m6.691s
real 0m7.323s
real 0m6.488s
real 0m6.633s
real 0m6.530s
real 0m6.277s
real 0m6.162s
real 0m6.509s
real 0m7.055s
real 0m6.162s
real 0m6.314s
real 0m6.010s
real 0m6.608s
real 0m6.438s
real 0m6.521s
real 0m6.253s
real 0m6.631s
real 0m6.112s
real 0m6.175s
real 0m6.235s
real 0m6.134s
real 0m6.494s
real 0m6.272s
real 0m6.671s
real 0m6.316s
real 0m6.601s
real 0m6.183s
real 0m6.207s
real 0m6.001s
real 0m6.356s
real 0m6.614s
real 0m6.291s
real 0m6.535s
real 0m6.431s
real 0m6.164s
real 0m6.565s
real 0m6.157s
real 0m6.420s
real 0m6.349s
real 0m6.278s
real 0m6.375s
real 0m6.758s
real 0m6.109s
real 0m6.432s
real 0m1.001s
real 0m0.908s
real 0m0.925s
real 0m0.870s
real 0m0.909s
real 0m0.924s
real 0m0.979s
real 0m0.953s
real 0m0.922s
real 0m0.926s
real 0m0.947s
real 0m0.920s
real 0m0.936s
real 0m0.907s
real 0m0.946s
real 0m0.911s
real 0m0.943s
real 0m0.890s
real 0m0.916s
real 0m0.910s
real 0m0.909s
real 0m0.966s
real 0m0.921s
real 0m0.923s
real 0m0.921s
real 0m0.925s
real 0m0.959s
real 0m0.903s
real 0m0.949s
real 0m0.895s
real 0m0.936s
real 0m0.886s
real 0m0.938s
real 0m0.923s
real 0m1.045s
real 0m0.902s
real 0m0.919s
real 0m0.922s
real 0m0.907s
real 0m0.914s
real 0m0.924s
real 0m0.917s
real 0m0.899s
real 0m0.956s
real 0m0.983s
real 0m0.902s
real 0m0.947s
real 0m0.897s
real 0m0.898s
real 0m0.892s
real 0m0.904s
real 0m0.929s
real 0m0.891s
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