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Commit d6a02e6a authored by Lukas Bram's avatar Lukas Bram
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Add simple sensor upper_speed_limit

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......@@ -65,6 +65,7 @@ public class Vehicle extends SimulationObject implements Updatable, Destroyable,
physicalValues.addPhysicalValue(new TrueCompass(physicalObject));
physicalValues.addPhysicalValue(new TrueVelocity(physicalObject));
physicalValues.addPhysicalValue(new TruePosition(physicalObject));
physicalValues.addPhysicalValue(new UpperSpeedLimit(physicalObject));
public static final String K_CONFIG = "config";
package de.rwth.montisim.simulation.vehicle.physicalvalues;
import de.rwth.montisim.commons.physicalvalue.PhysicalValueDouble;
import de.rwth.montisim.commons.simulation.DynamicObject;
public class UpperSpeedLimit extends PhysicalValueDouble {
public static final String VALUE_NAME = "upper_speed_limit";
//transient final DynamicObject object;
public UpperSpeedLimit(DynamicObject object) {
* @return [x,y, upper_speed_limit] */
public Object get(){
return 10;
public void set(Object value){
// Cannot change the velocity this way
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