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......@@ -19,7 +19,10 @@ It is also fine to start the server using your IDE, the main class is located at
To start a simulation, the following services must be started at first:
- ZooKeeper
- RMIModelServer
- rpc server
- RPC server
The RMIModelServer and RPC server depend on ZooKeeper, so before starting them, make
sure ZooKeeper is running.
The following instructions enables the server to run a simulation task
with arbitrary maps and scenarios.
......@@ -58,22 +61,15 @@ To build the docker image, first build the jar with maven and then:
$ ./
## Development
For the local development of restful module with simple scenario(1 vehicle, arbitrary map and sectors), make sure that:
- A RMIModelServer is available at **localhost:10101**
- A RPC Server is available at **localhost:6000**
- A ZooKeeper is available at **localhost:2181**
If multiple vehicles are involved, we need more than one RMIModelServer.
In this case, we must use docker containers.
## Development with Docker
It could involve multiple RMIModelServer/RPC server in the development.
By using docker you can easily start and scale all services.
`dev.yml` configures the restful server to run in debug mode, the JVM listens for debugging request
at **localhost:8787**.
To debug restful server, simply configure a remote debugger in the IDE and start debugging.
So the workflow should be:
The development workflow with should be:
1. code
2. compile
3. use `dev.yml` to start and scale necessary services
......@@ -22,3 +22,8 @@ Run the rpc server:
$ docker run --rm -p 6000:6000 rpc-server:latest
This command will start a rpc service and serve requests at **localhost:6000**
To bind other port, for example 6666:
$ docker run --rm -p 6666:6000 rpc-server:latest
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