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Added information for switching between ALLZERO and FROM_FILE height data

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......@@ -238,6 +238,10 @@ Weather can be sunny or rainy, depending on the `weather_rain` property.
Sectors' dimensions are defined via _map_sector_width_ and _map_sector_length_ properties, i.e. size on axis X and size on axis Y. By changing `map_overlap`, one can define the size of the overlapping areas, shared among ajacent sectors (__NOTE__: in legacy logic for spawning vehicles, the overlapping areas' size had to be divisible of 3).
## Height generator configuration
To define which kind of height data should be generated and used, you need to modify `` at line 249/250 and `` at lines 156/157, 332/333 and 366/367. At each mentioned line-pair there is the possibility to pass on ZCoordinates.FROM_FILE (for using height data) and ZCoordinates.ALLZERO (for using flat data). Comment out one line and uncomment the other. Be sure to do this consistently for all mentioned lines.
## Web server configuration
Room's user capacity can be set via `max_sector_users` property (__NOTE__: free version of _SmartFoxServer_ allows maximum 100 concurrent users using the server).
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