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Add script for re-compiling fmu files

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#!/usr/bin/env bash
# This script re-compile all *.fmu files in the current directory using
# current available c++ compiler. This makes the fmu files compatible with
# the host OS.
# For example if you have .fmu files exported from ModelicaEditor running
# in Windows but you need linux version. To make these .fmu files compatible
# with linux, you should:
# 1. import and re-export the Windows version .fmu files using linux ModelicaEditor
# 2. copy this script in the same directory where the re-exported .fmu files are located
# 3. run this script with ./
# 4. all .fmu files should be re-compiled and compatible with linux
function compile() {
unzip $filename -d $tmp_dir
cd ${tmp_dir}/sources && ./configure && make
cd ../..
zip -r $filename $tmp_dir
rm -rf $tmp_dir
echo "$filename"
for f in ./*.fmu; do
compile "$f"
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