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This module implements a gRPC wrapper for MontiSim simulator.
## Install
Install using maven:
$ mvn clean install -settings=../settings.xml
Run the rpc server at **localhost:6000**:
$ java -cp "target/rpc-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar:." server.rpc.RpcServer 6000
Or use IDE to start the main class at `/Users/ham/Projects/MontiSim/server/rpc/src/main/java/server/rpc/`.
Don't forget to set the program argument telling rpc server on which port it should listen.
## Docker
Build the docker image after the jar is built:
$ ./
Run the rpc server:
$ docker run --rm -p 6000:6000 rpc-server:latest
This command will start a rpc service and serve requests at **localhost:6000**
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