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Commit 9d67cb19 authored by Jean Meurice's avatar Jean Meurice

EESimulation Time bug-fix

parent 3b66016e
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......@@ -8,7 +8,7 @@
......@@ -17,11 +17,15 @@ public class DiscreteEventSimulator implements Updatable {
private static final DiscreteEvent.DiscreteEventComparator listComparator = new DiscreteEvent.DiscreteEventComparator();
/** point of time of simulation */
protected Instant simulationTime = Instant.EPOCH;
protected Instant simulationTime;
/** list of all discrete events */
protected final PriorityQueue<DiscreteEvent> eventList = new PriorityQueue<>(listComparator);
public DiscreteEventSimulator(Instant startTime) {
this.simulationTime = startTime;
* function that adds an event to be scheduled
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