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......@@ -26,3 +26,21 @@ To run the server one can has to run the corresponding script file from the __sc
* For Windows the `run.bat` file has to be executed
* For Linux the `run.sh` file has to be exeuted __*(irrelevant, due to dependency on Windows platform)__
## External models
To use an external vehicle model, one has to clone the corresponding repository. For the _Autopilot emam_ vehicle model, located in [Autopilot emam repository](https://github.com/MontiSim/EMAM-showcase), the following commands have to be executed:
cd MontiSim
git clone https://github.com/MontiSim/EMAM-showcase.git
cd ./EMAM-showcase
mvn clean install
cd EMAM-showcase/scripts
The last command `main.bat` will compile the model and run it in a server container to test it.
__NOTE:__ Autopilot EMAM model works only in _Windows 64 bit_ environment.
The scripts in `script` directory are already adjusted to use _Autopilot_ model. If a new model has to be integrated to the RMI Model server, an implementation of _VehicleModel_ has to be created and adjusted with the _ModelManager_. Additionally, all dependencies of the new model have to be declared in the _library_ or _class-path_ of the RMI Model server.
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