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# RMIModelServer
RMIServer allowing remote access to vehicle models
RMIServer allowing remote access to vehicle models developed in different languages and integrated with Java.
## Requirements
In order the project to be built locally, the following software is required:
Windows 64 bit
Apache Maven
Java Development Kit, Version 8+
(optional) Git
To clone this github repository, one can use the following commands
cd MontiSim
git clone https://github.com/MontiSim/RMIModelServer.git
__NOTE:__ _MontiSim_ is the directory, in which MontiSim-belonging projects should be clonned. It has to be manually created.
## Running the RMI server
To run the server one can has to run the corresponding script file from the __scripts__ directory in _RMIModelServer_ project.
* For Windows the `run.bat` file has to be executed
* For Linux the `run.sh` file has to be exeuted __*(irrelevant, due to dependency on Windows platform)__
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