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known issues
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......@@ -29,3 +29,13 @@ Available one can find a [video example](https://github.com/MontiSim/EMAM-showca
* EMAM Autopilot model: `model`
* EMAM2CPP generator: `emam2cpp.jar`
* Batch scripts that glue all this stuff together: `scripts`
# Known issues
## Simulation never ending
The AutoPilot is desined to calculate simulation frames until a timeout expires, causing the simulator to stop.
In environment of shared simulator, which serves many simulations, such timeout cannot be used, thus either a _simulationDone_ flag has to be provided by the model or _lastNavigationTarget_ node has to be available.
In the distributed simulator, which is such an environment, the AutoPilot behaviour results into a non-stopping simulation, thus the simulation buffer used to store simulation frames is constantly kept full, until a user stops the scenario simulation.
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