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fixup! ConstructComplexMatrix: Fixed wrong class cast (gitlab #3)

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......@@ -132,8 +132,7 @@ public class ConstructComplexMatrix {
private static Complex getComplex(MathExpressionSymbol expressionSymbol) {
if (expressionSymbol.isParenthesisExpression())
expressionSymbol = ((MathParenthesisExpressionSymbol) expressionSymbol).getMathExpressionSymbol();
if (((MathValueExpressionSymbol) expressionSymbol).isNumberExpression())
if ((expressionSymbol instanceof MathValueExpressionSymbol) && ((MathValueExpressionSymbol) expressionSymbol).isNumberExpression())
return castToComplex((MathNumberExpressionSymbol) expressionSymbol);
else if (expressionSymbol.isArithmeticExpression())
return dissolveMathExpression(expressionSymbol);
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