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# EmbeddedMontiArcMathOpt
EmbeddedMontiArcMathOpt extends EmbeddedMontiArcMath. EmbeddedMontiArcMath embeds the math language MontiMath. EmbeddedMontiArcMathOpt additionally embeds the extension of MontiMath MontiMathOpt.
## Summary
Thus EmbeddedMontiArcMathOpt allows to solve optimization problems within the EmbeddedMontiArc language.
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EmbeddedMontiArcMathOpt (EMAMOpt) is a component and connector based modeling language for optimization problems. It combines the features of EmbeddedMontiArcMath (EMAM) and MontiMathOpt (MathOpt).
## Language Hierachy
EmbeddedMontiArcMathOpt extends EMAM and embedds MontiMathOpt.
Thus it contains all features of EmbeddedMontiArc (EMA) and EMAM. Additionally it adds the ability to define components which describe optimization problems.
![Language Hierachy](
## Development Hints
The main challange was to combine the symbol tables of EMAM and MathOpt.
These were delegated in [](
## See Also
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