Commit 8fd20589 authored by Alexander David Hellwig's avatar Alexander David Hellwig
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Fix: outgoing array Ports sized by generics have wrong size

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......@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ public class EMAComponentSymbolReference extends EMAComponentSymbol implements
for (ResolutionDeclarationSymbol resDeclSym : getResolutionDeclarationSymbols()) {
//Log.debug("" + ((ASTUnitNumberResolution) getResolutionDeclarationSymbols().get(count).getASTResolution()).getNumber().get().intValue(), "resolus:");
String lastNameStart = "";
for (EMAPortSymbol emaPortSymbol : getIncomingPorts()) {
for (EMAPortSymbol emaPortSymbol : getPortsList()) {
Log.debug(emaPortSymbol.getName(), "Found Port:");
if (!emaPortSymbol.getNameWithoutArrayBracketPart().equals(lastNameStart)) {
lastNameStart = emaPortSymbol.getNameWithoutArrayBracketPart();
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