Commit 7965eb3a authored by vonWenckstern's avatar vonWenckstern
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added test to see whether degree can be parsed

parent 12904a84
package a;
component SteeringAngleCalculator{
ports in Q(-90°:90°) x[2],
in Q(-180°:180°) y[2],
in Q(-90°:90°) gpsX,
in Q(-180°:180°) gpsY,
in Q(-180°:180°) orientation,
in Q(-180°:180°) currentSteeringAngle,
in Q(-180°:180°) minSteeringAngle,
in Q(-180°:180°) maxSteeringAngle,
out Q(-180°:180°) newSteeringAngle;
\ No newline at end of file
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