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Update SomeIPConnectionSymbol

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......@@ -13,53 +13,45 @@ public class SomeIPConnectionSymbol extends MiddlewareSymbol {
super(KIND, Optional.empty(), Optional.empty(), Optional.empty());
public SomeIPConnectionSymbol(String id) {
this(KIND, id);
public SomeIPConnectionSymbol(SomeIPConnectionKind kind, String id) {
super(kind, Optional.ofNullable(id));
public SomeIPConnectionSymbol(String serviceID, String instanceID){
public SomeIPConnectionSymbol(int serviceID, int instanceID){
this(KIND, serviceID, instanceID);
public SomeIPConnectionSymbol(String serviceID, String instanceID, String eventgroupID) {
public SomeIPConnectionSymbol(int serviceID, int instanceID, int eventgroupID) {
this(KIND, serviceID, instanceID, eventgroupID);
protected SomeIPConnectionSymbol(SomeIPConnectionKind kind, String serviceID, String instanceID, String eventgroupID) {
protected SomeIPConnectionSymbol(SomeIPConnectionKind kind, int serviceID, int instanceID, int eventgroupID) {
super(kind, Optional.ofNullable(serviceID), Optional.ofNullable(instanceID), Optional.ofNullable(eventgroupID));
public String toString() {
return String.format("SomeIPConnection = %s, %s, %s",
return String.format("SomeIPConnection = %d, %d, %d",
getserviceID(), getinstanceID(), geteventgroupID());
public Optional<String> getserviceID() {
public Optional<Integer> getserviceID() {
return getValue(0);
public Optional<String> getinstanceID() {
public Optional<Integer> getinstanceID() {
return getValue(1);
public Optional<String> geteventgroupID() {
public Optional<Integer> geteventgroupID() {
return getValue(2);
public void setserviceID(String serviceID) {
public void setserviceID(int serviceID) {
this.values.set(0, Optional.ofNullable(serviceID));
public void setinstanceID(String instanceID) {
public void setinstanceID(int instanceID) {
this.values.set(1, Optional.ofNullable(instanceID));
public void seteventgroupID(String eventgroupID) {
public void seteventgroupID(int eventgroupID) {
this.values.set(2, Optional.ofNullable(eventgroupID));
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